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Bull Terrier Breeders Pa

A Bull Terrier for your needs. We at Pound 4 Pound Bull Terrier Breeders of PA,we are Bull Terrier owners first, and Breeders secondly. Call 717-333-7133. Petland Monroeville, PA has Bull Terrier puppies for sale! Interested in finding out more about the Bull Terrier? Check out our breed information page!

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is an older, medium-sized, short-haired canine breed originally selected in the United Kingdom for dogfighting after dog-to-animal fighting has been prohibited.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier information including personality, history, grooming,. After the Staffie arrived in North America in the 1880s, breeders developed a . Efforts to produce an attractive pet resulted in the Staffordshire Bull Terrier’s recognition by the English Kennel Club in 1935 and in 1974 the AKC confirmed .

Aggressive fighting dog or loving pet dog? For the Staffordshire bull terrier, also known as staffie, it all depends on his education. In order to promote one’s qualities, such as loyalty and bonhomie, and to control one’s problematic behaviors, such as dominance and stubbornness, the owner of a staffie must have a lot of experience.

A fighting dog as a babysitter

It is important that Staffordshire falls into good hands. With an education in both strict and loving andgood socialization , it can become a reliable and friendly pet dog which show very mild or even hug, especially with children. It is not without reason that in his home country, England, it is called “dog babysitter” or “dog nanny”. He loves close family ties and always looks for closeness to his masters. He will not appreciate you being distant with him.

A tough guy who has a tendency to want to dominate

But his human and good-natured nature can also change. If you show aggressive or excessively hard with a staffie, you will quickly bite your fingers. Staffordshire bull terriers have a very low threshold of tolerance and can turn into a dangerous fighting dog because of their intrepid and dominant nature.

Unfortunately, there are always people who use his hard and tenacious side badly and who train him specifically to develop this aggressiveness.

But ignorance, lack of authority, and lack of self-confidence can also have disastrous consequences.Thus, the favorite dog of the English is listed as a dangerous dog in many European countries and parts of the United States and Canada. Breeding, breeding and import are thus subject to strict conditions.

A lot of love and a strict education

However, those who will understand this dog with a fundamentally peaceful and sensitive character, will find in him a friendly and flexible partner, who will be not only a reliable watchdog, but also a sporting companion and a hug playmate.


The master of a Staffie must show experience in dog breeding, good self-confidence, a lot of calm and patience, and above all, give a lot of love to his dog. Early socialization, especially with other dogs, a lot of confidence, the establishment of a fixed hierarchy in which the human being always occupies the highest position … These elements are all essential to the educational success of the dog and to a life in harmony.

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Physical appearance

The Staffordshire bull terrier probably owes its reputation as a fighting dog to incompetent and ignorant masters rather than to its own personality. And, of course, his muscular stature also contributes to the fear, or at least respect, that some people have for him.

With a height at the withers of 35 to 40 cm and a weight of 11 to 17 kg, the Staffordshire bull terrier is a small to medium sized heavy dog. His body has enormous power and is very fast and agile despite its weight.

A short fur with many color variations

One can easily guess his muscles under his short fur, shiny and easy to maintain. His broad and very short head and his half-erect ears that fall forward show his characteristics of the breed. His fur, which can have many variations of color, is in black, white, red, and fawn blue. Each of these colors can be united, combined with white, or brindle.

History of the staffie

The ancestors of the Staffordshire bull terrier, who appeared 250 years ago in England, were probably already rather small and muscular.

The dogs, which are derived from crossings between different burrows, were formerly reared by “Black Country” miners, that is to say, in the central regions of England, around Birmingham and Staffordshire County. Thanks to dogs’ exceptional ability as “rat hunters”, workers soon realized they could make money differently. This is how the “rat fights” were born, bloody shows in which people were betting on the dog that would kill the most rats in a given time.

From fighting rat hunter to a pet dog

It is therefore around 1810 that the “bull and terrier”, as it was called at the time, acquires this image of fighting dog. These “sports”, which are happily forbidden today, pleased many English people at the time, and brought in a lot of money. Thus, many miners supplemented their low incomes by organizing dog fights, selling puppies and betting.

Its low tolerance and hardness quickly made the staffie the favorite fighting dog of the English. In 1835, the English Parliament created a law to put an end to these bloody battles, and at the same time to all dogfights. Those who did not want to be illegally concentrated after that sure another type of breeding.Instead of developing the characteristics that made them good fighting dogs, they began to highlight the characteristics that made them good companion dogs.

Almost as appreciated as the German Shepherd

But it took another 100 years before the fighting dog was “officially” recognized as a pet dog.

In 1935 the Staffordshire bull terrier was introduced to the Kennel Club as an independent British breed.According to the standard of the breed, the characteristics that must be privileged today, in addition to bravery and courage, are his great intelligence and the close bond that unites dogs to humans, and especially to children.

In Britain today it is found in the 5 th place on the list of the most popular dogs, right after the German shepherd.

Strict breeding restrictions

In other countries, the Stafforshire bull terrier has a much harder time being appreciated because of its dubious past and irresponsible breeders. Breed lists and strict breeding, breeding and import conditions are likely to be in place to protect people from dangerous dogs, but they do not always make it easy for the Staffordshire bull terrier to improve his reputation.

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If you are interested in acquiring a staffie, you must first read the regulations in force in your country or municipality. In Germany, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, in various states of the United States, in Canada and in many other countries with breed lists, the bull terrier is classified as a dangerous dog. The restrictions associated with this classification vary from one region to another, and range from the need to possess a “dangerous dog license” to the total ban on breeding and keeping dogs.

Are you able to educate a Staffordshire bull terrier?

The purchase of a staffie must, for the sake of the breed, be carefully considered. Ask yourself in all honesty if you have the knowledge and experience to take care of such a dog. Unsuspecting people who hope to gain self-confidence with such a “strong” dog will not be good masters. In addition to theoretical knowledge about dog training, it takes self-confidence, calm and balance, to be able to put in its place this dominant dog that often tests the limits, and to make a friend friendly and affectionate .

What you need to pay attention to with buying

Do not be surprised if, during your first visit, the breeder asks you all kinds of questions about your life so far, your plans for the future, the environment in which you live, your professional situation and your state health. This is a good sign: it shows that the breeder is not just trying to get rid of puppies as quickly as possible.

Serious breeders feel responsible for their dogs, they raise them for love of the breed, and it is important for them to leave their little ones protected to equally serious people. So do not be upset if the breeder advises you not to buy the puppy, but ask yourself if another breed would not be better for you.

Is the breeder serious?

There is another way to check the seriousness of a breeder. In addition to official proofs, such as the presentation of compulsory papers and medical certificates, or affiliation to an official association, personal impression must also play. Are the animals raised in the close family circle and do they live in contact with the breeder? Does the living space of dogs give a neat, dirty and neglected impression?How does the mother react to your visit? Is she distant, but still open and calm, or aggressive? Does the breeder attach importance to early socialization of his puppies? Has he ever familiarized with other dogs and other people, and thus made the first step towards the proper development of his dogs?

How much does a staffie cost?

When you answer yes to all these questions, and only then, you can start thinking about the details of a sales contract. A puppy from a registered breeder costs around 1000 euros. Dogs from shelters are often much cheaper, but you should keep in mind that their education is usually much harder than that of a puppy.


Most of the diseases mentioned above can be well treated if they are detected in time.

The care and regular control of the fur, paws, ears and teeth not only supports the appearance of your dog, but also his health. Thanks to a regular examination of the dress and the body of your dog, you will quickly identify possible changes. If you notice any external changes in the skin, mouth, or ears, or if your dog changes behavior, for example if he moves less and looks less agile, you should make a quick appointment to your dog. veterinary.

Do not forget that Staffordshire bull terriers are very hard on themselves. They first try to deal with pains and other problems alone. A good observation is therefore all the more important.

The fur of the staffie itself is very simple to maintain . His short hairs require little care; a brushing once a week is sufficient to preserve the color and luster of the hair.

What does a staffie eat?

You should also look closely at the feeding of your four-legged companion. Like the other terriers, the staffie suffers from allergies . Skin problems can always be a sign of poor nutrition. A special diet can help you. However, before choosing a type of food, you should always talk to your veterinarian. If the tests detect allergies or food intolerances, the veterinarian will develop a specific diet for your dog.

The foundations of a long life

Otherwise, the healthy staffies can eat anything other dogs eat. The important thing is that the food is of high quality. Too many additives, cereals, sugar, preservatives and flavor enhancers are often evidence of poor quality food. The food must always contain 60 to 80% of meat, as well as vegetables, and important fats and oils. If you give your dog ready food, you should always pay attention to the list of ingredients on the package. You can of course also feed your dog with “homemade” according to the BARF method .

No matter which method you choose, the important thing is that your dog’s food contains all the nutrients your dog needs, in the right amount and with the right composition. You thus lay the foundations of a long life for your companion.

All buyer in USA must be Aware from this breeder in UKrain UKR MILKY WAY bull terriers .i. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania » Bull Terrier ». $1.00 . Our charter is to prevent cruelty towards bull terriers. We are dedicated to the rescue, care, and permanent placement of abused, abandoned or unwanted bull .

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