Affenpinscher Puppies Roanoke-Lynchburg VA

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The Affenpinscher is a small dog, strong and robust. The head is round, strongly convex upwards. The muzzle is short. Truffle and lips are black. The closure of the jaws is prognathous. The ears are attached high, inverted V-shaped, forming a fold, or very small, erect and symmetrical. The eyes are dark, round and very open. The tail is tied up. On the body, the dress is thick and rough. Head, characteristic, with bushy eyebrows, circle around eyes, towering beard and whiskers; the simian aspect of his head gives his name to the race.

Affenpinscher Puppies Roanoke-Lynchburg VA

Physical characteristics of Affenpinscher

Hair: thick and rough.
Color: brown or black spots or stripes are allowed, but uniform black is the most sought after.
Size: 25 to 30 cm for the male and 25 to 30 cm for the female
Weight: 4 to 6 kg for the male and 4 to 6 kg for the female

Origins and history

Portraits of the Affenpinscher appear in German paintings of the sixteenth century, when he was both considered a pet and a hunter of rats. The first standard draft dates from 1908, the first official standard of 1913.

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Character and abilities

He is a good family dog, he knows how to be affectionate despite his bit of independence.

Very exuberant, this little dog is always a volunteer for a fun activity.

Very lively, the Griffon monkey as it is also called is constantly awake.

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He is a very smart dog who knows how to use his charms and his passion to dodge the requests of his masters.

He is a rodent hunter.

Fearful / wary with strangers:
Always vigilant, this dog does not “buddy-buddy” easily with the first comer.

His strong character pushes him to be quite independent. He needs human contact but still enjoys his peace.

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Supports loneliness:
If his needs are met and he has at his disposal various occupations, this little burrow can easily tolerate the absence of his teachers for a few hours.

Easy to educate / obedient:
It can be stubborn at times but if the methods used are firm, respectful and consistent, the education of the puppy is not difficult.

He warns by his barking the suspicious presence of an individual in his familiar territory.

Having a fairly developed hunting instinct, he can indeed follow the track of a rat for example, which can push him to “run away”.

Very active, if this little dog is bored, he can easily begin to destroy everything that passes under the truffle.

Gourmand / glutton: 
The treats can bear its strong side for some learning.

This is a very good alarm dog that does not tolerate any intrusion.

First dog: 
Adopting this dog for a first interspecific experiment can be a good idea, but only for teachers who are aware of the need to educate and socialize their Affenpinscher puppy as soon as he arrives at home.

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Living conditions

Affenpinscher in apartment:
Its small size allows it to adapt perfectly to the apartment life. However, as it is a bright and rustic dog, he will be happy to run in a garden.

Need Exercise / Sports:
Although not the most athletic dog he is, he has great stamina and energy when it comes to physically and mentally .

Several outdoor walks, accompanied by stimulating activities are necessary for him to externalize his passion.

Travel / Ease of transport:
Its small size allows it to be able to follow its masters in all their movements without difficulties.


The Affenpinscher and the Cats:
His instinct of hunting and predation does not allow him to cohabit serenely with other species, especially small as the cat.

The Affenpinscher and the other dogs: 
The Affenpinscher puppy must be socialized from an early age to acquire all the dog codes necessary for respectful and pleasant encounters with his peers.

The Affenpinscher and the Children: 
This is not a recommended breed when you have children, because some subjects do not like them (especially the small ones who can be too abrupt).

The Affenpinscher and the Elderly:
Its small size allows it to be able to accompany elderly people but only if they still have the opportunity to walk their animals regularly.

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Resistant / robust:
It is a robust little dog that usually lives for a long time with good general health, despite some genetic predispositions.

Supports the heat:
Its activities must be arranged in hot weather.

Supports the cold:
Its double coat gives it good protection but not in case of extreme cold.

Tendency to grow:
This is not a dog overweight.

Frequent illnesses:

  • Persistence of the arterial canal
  • Dislocation of the patella
  • Legg-Perthes-Calvé disease or aseptic necrosis of the femoral head

Grooming and maintenance

The dress should be brushed frequently enough to avoid the formation of knots.

Loss of hair:
It loses a lot of hair in periods of moult, during which a diet rich in salts is advised.


The price of an Affenpinscher varies according to its origins, age and sex. It takes an average of 1250 € for a dog registered in the LOF. The highest bloodlines can be sold up to € 1600 .

Regarding the average budget to meet the needs of a dog of this size, it takes about 20 € / month.

Average life expectancy: around 15 years

Notes and tips

The Affenpinscher is a rather delicate dog, subject to intestinal problems. It loses a lot of hair during periods of moult, during which a diet rich in salts is recommended. The dress should be brushed quite frequently. This is not a recommended breed when you have kids, because some people do not like them.