VW Triturbo Diesel: 272 HP Version & 10-Speed DSG In Work

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VW Triturbo diesel: 272 hp version & 10-speed DSG in work
VW 10-speed DSG
A dual-clutch transmission with ten gears is also currently being developed in Wolfsburg

Volkswagen equips: With electric compressor, the VW twin-turbo diesel is a veritable sport engine with 272 hp

Only a few months ago Volkswagen has announced the 240 hp twin-turbo diesel as the most powerful diesel in the new Passat, now the Wolfsburg plans already the next step. In addition to the current layout with two exhaust gas turbochargers, an electrically driven compressor is to be installed, which ensures rapid response and allows the exhaust gas turbochargers a little more time to breathe.



In addition to the electric booster compressor, which makes the 2.0 TDI practically the Triturbo diesel, should also provide a variable valve train and a further optimized charge cycle for increased peak performance: We are talking about 200 kW, so 272 hp. Such a power output would make the 2.0 TDI Triturbo the strongest four-cylinder diesel in the world!

And the best: Despite the increased performance, the new engine should be less thirsty than the 240-hp twin-turbo TDI. The power diesel with common-rail injection is expected to hit the market in two to three years, with around 550 newton meters promising extremely confident performance – expected in Passat and Touareg, but also in other VW Group models.

The top TDI can also be combined with a 10-speed DSG , which is currently being developed for vehicles with transversely mounted engines (MQB). The ten-speed dual-clutch transmission needs no more space than the current DSG with 7 gears, but allows a wider spread and thus favors better performance and lower fuel consumption.

A further 5 to 10 percent Volkswagen wants to save with new mild hybrid technology. Thanks to an additional generator, the combustion engine can be completely switched off in coasting phases, the power required for brake power assistance, power steering, radio & Co. supplies a lithium-ion battery. In such sailing phases, the car drives completely emission-free.